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It’s strange how much love you can build up for a certain hobbyand then how fast you can loose it if you aren’t careful with how you treat it. I have always had a fascination for photography – as long as I can remember. My dad used to shoot in his younger days and when I was a kid I used to look through the box of photographs that he had taken. I think that’s where the interest was founded. I was impressed with the beauty of the world, amazed that you could take such beautiful pictures with a simple camera.

Through the years I’ve learned that the equipment isn’t the important thing. Sure enough – if you want to achieve a certain technique in a picture, you may have to invest in a more advanced camera. But what people sometimes forget is that the thoughts and reasoning behind the frame is what matters. Your own artistic mind is what makes the picture. To me, that is what matters the most.

I was 14 when I got my first digital camera and I was eager to learn every little side of it. I read about all kinds of things that had to do with photography and I learned. I experimented and I got critiques from other photographers. And that helped me grow as a photographer myself. Today I’m 21 and I am still learning, I am still growing in my art.

Music is another part of my life that I can’t live without. It’s the other part where I can release my feelings and emotions. It’s also one of the sides of life where I find inspiration for my art.

Maybe I’m just a simple girl in Sweden who loves photography, but there’s so much more to it than just to take a picture. It is about making other people happy and making myself happy.

Basically that’s me in a nutshell!



I guess what inspires us all to continue in life is the simple beauty of it. As an artist, being able to catch one of those moments that means alot to both myself and the person I may be doing a shoot of. At the same time being able to express myself in ways through my art, when it is not possible in writing or talking. To always find a new way to shoot, to think outside the box, and the best part about is that there is no end to your imagination.

Life is an inspiration, everything and everyone around us inspires me - most of the time when I don't except it. We are all a source of inspiration to someone. I love viewing the art of others. I am constantly being amazed everyday by people who just glow with their creativity.

You inspire me - so thank you for that!